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100 avsnitt
All-Star Talk

The 10 year anniversary of our favorite No Hitter and a whole lot of yapping!

2024-06-221h 23min
All-Star Talk

The return you've all been waiting for!

2024-05-141h 47min
All-Star Talk

Taking a trip back to 2020! The unfortunate parallels between now and then!

2024-03-121h 14min
All-Star Talk

5 down and many more to go!

2024-02-091h 16min
All-Star Talk

A new era for sports entertainment is near!

All-Star Talk

A New Year and so much to catch up on!

2024-01-111h 14min
All-Star Talk

Expected the unexpected! What a difference a decade can make!

2023-12-071h 21min
All-Star Talk

Collision at the Forum & list of cappers!

2023-11-181h 27min
All-Star Talk

The World Series nobody expected & the return of the NBA!

2023-10-261h 17min
All-Star Talk

MLB Playoffs! Where disappointment happens!

2023-10-101h 17min
All-Star Talk

Blockbuster trade finally happens & October baseball is a swing away!

All-Star Talk

The unfortunate life of MLB fans aka Angels fans & Players who have played on house arrest!

All-Star Talk

Two GOATS wounded and the Angel curse continues

2023-08-241h 5min
All-Star Talk

Where have we been? And the quest for the most immaculate!

2023-08-071h 18min
All-Star Talk

Immaculate grid & Autographed Kwame Brown Card!

2023-07-201h 56s
All-Star Talk

A not so "perfect" perfect game & the calm before the free agency storm!

2023-06-301h 17min
All-Star Talk

Denver is a city of champions & time is up for Ja!

All-Star Talk

The start to a historic finals & possible historic punishment for Ja!

2023-06-021h 8min
All-Star Talk

"Strap" yourselves in for a wild Conference Finals!

2023-05-191h 4min
All-Star Talk

Lakers move on and Brooks is heading to the Shanghai Sharks!

2023-05-031h 14min
All-Star Talk

All-Star Talk goes Hollywood for WrestleMania weekend!

2023-04-111h 14min
All-Star Talk

The results are in! A look into the future of MLB & NBA Playoffs!

2023-03-241h 16min
All-Star Talk

Memphis you have a problem!

All-Star Talk

Spring training has arrived & Dame dolla dropped 71 in a night!

All-Star Talk

The worst All-Star game ever?! A very disappointing All-Star weekend

All-Star Talk

The Deadline is done! Many moves change the championship landscape!

All-Star Talk

Happy 4th Anniversary All-Star Talk!

All-Star Talk

Way Back| The day the NBA stood still

All-Star Talk

Ballin' like a 3rd grader & the NBA returns to Frances!

All-Star Talk

Challenge accepted! NBA 2023 All-Star Starter Voting!

All-Star Talk

NBA Christmas games are near! The Good, Bad & Ugly in the NBA

All-Star Talk

200 Episodes of the Podcast! Laying out the Gauntlet!

All-Star Talk

Something big is near... Top Free Agents already signed in the MLB!

All-Star Talk

Almost there... the Lakers are a few pieces away from being legit! MLB offseason limbo!

All-Star Talk

The MADNESS has begun! MLB free agency is up and running!

All-Star Talk

You'll never see it coming! MLB free agency predictions!

All-Star Talk

The boys are back Bigger, Badder, Better!

All-Star Talk

A disappointing start for the NBA & MLB World Series is set!

All-Star Talk

Don't mean a thing if it's a bubble ring

All-Star Talk

Going where the Sun don't shine & 2022 MLB Playoff predictions

2022-10-051h 4min
All-Star Talk

24 miles of Hell & disappointing free agent signings!

2022-09-301h 3min
All-Star Talk

Suspended for having a good time? MLB Playoffs are slowly approaching!

2022-09-231h 10min
All-Star Talk

Media Scrum Melee & All Out at the Castle!

2022-09-091h 34min
All-Star Talk

A unexpected trade for the NBA & a long weekend of wrestling!

2022-09-021h 45s
All-Star Talk

Friend or Foe? Westbrook & Beverly on the same team!

2022-08-271h 36min
All-Star Talk

Finally some NBA discussion! Ringworm or Fungai? The Tatis drama ensues!

2022-08-191h 55min
All-Star Talk

The Field of Lottery Teams & a Week Full of Returns!

2022-08-121h 9min
All-Star Talk

The Biggest Blockbuster show and trade of the summer!

2022-08-051h 36min
All-Star Talk

Time to play the game! MLB trade deadline is near!

2022-07-291h 45min
All-Star Talk

A whole lot of nothing and live game commentary!

2022-07-221h 9min



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