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ACQ2 by Acquired

ACQ2 is Ben and David's conversations with expert founders and investors. Acquired the stories of great companies — and ACQ2 dives deeper into the lessons we can learn from them, often with the protagonists themselves.

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ACQ2 by Acquired

Visa Follow-Up and Today’s Payments Ecosystem (with Gaurav Ahuja)

2023-12-031h 33min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Morgan Housel

2023-11-061h 35min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Doug Demuro on Analyzing the Car Industry, Creator-Led Businesses, and Porsche Episode Follow Up

2023-09-181h 25min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Generative AI in Video and the Future of Storytelling (with Runway CEO Cristobal Valenzuela)

ACQ2 by Acquired

Saving the Planet with Better AI Data Centers (with Crusoe CEO Chase Lochmiller)

2023-08-141h 24min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Comparing the Dotcom Crash to Today (with Tom Cowan from TDM)

2023-06-201h 10min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Generative AI Moats in B2B with Emergence Capital’s Jake Saper

2023-05-091h 22min
ACQ2 by Acquired

AngelList CEO Avlok Kohli on the Transforming the Company — and Venture Itself

ACQ2 by Acquired

Retool CEO David Hsu on Finding Product-Market Fit via Sales

2023-04-131h 5min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Ben and David on My First Million

2023-04-071h 18min
ACQ2 by Acquired

The Future of Cloud Data Collaboration (with Samooha Co-Founder Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan)

2023-03-201h 5min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Democratizing the Tools of Big Tech with Statsig CEO Vijaye Raji

2023-02-101h 5min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Capital Formation and the LP / GP Relationship (with Altimeter’s Meghan Reynolds)

2023-01-091h 14min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Crypto Self-Custody 101 (with Austin Federa)

2022-12-031h 6min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Netflix's Journey, Building TCV, and Investing Through Downturns (with TCV co-founder Jay Hoag)

ACQ2 by Acquired

Consumer Investing in 2022 (with Brian O'Malley of Forerunner Ventures)

2022-10-311h 17min
ACQ2 by Acquired

The Profitable B2B Growth Playbook and Mutiny’s Story

2022-10-241h 6min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Kindergarten Ventures’ Vanta investment, and building a new Strategy for Venture (with Thomas McGannon)

2022-10-031h 34min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Reinsurance, Climate + Kindergarten Ventures (with Nat Manning)

2022-09-091h 10min
ACQ2 by Acquired

The 2022 State of Crypto + Web3 with Solana's Austin Federa

2022-08-221h 27min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Dissecting ProfitWell's Acquisition (with Patrick Campbell)

2022-07-271h 20min
ACQ2 by Acquired

David Interviewed on "Unlimited Partners"

2022-05-231h 10min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Travel for the Creator Economy

ACQ2 by Acquired

Reverse Interview: Ben and David at Vanta

ACQ2 by Acquired

Composer (with CEO Benjamin Rollert)

ACQ2 by Acquired

TradFi vs. Crypto, Explaining BNPL, and What's Next in Fintech (with Bain Capital Ventures' Christina Melas-Kyriazi)

ACQ2 by Acquired

Ben and David on "Capital Allocators"

2022-02-181h 4min
ACQ2 by Acquired

10-K Diver: Building a Top Fintwit Account and Teaching Finance Principles to Everyone (Pseudonymously!)

2022-02-171h 6min
ACQ2 by Acquired

NZS Capital Part II: What’s Going on in Today’s Markets? (Plus more Semiconductors!)

2022-02-041h 11min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Race Capital, Crypto Investing, and FTX + Solana’s Early Days

2022-01-271h 31min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Italic & a New Era of Online Retail

2022-01-061h 9min
ACQ2 by Acquired

2021 Recap: Acquired x Not Boring x The Generalist

2022-01-021h 43min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Mission-Driven Founders, Global Investing, and Canva (with Wesley Chan)

ACQ2 by Acquired

Blue Origin and the 2021 Space Landscape (with Rob Meyerson)

ACQ2 by Acquired

Ben and David on "This Week in Startups" Holiday Special

2021-12-021h 30min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: A Fireside Chat

ACQ2 by Acquired

Update on Dad Life, MacBook Pros, and Acquired Video

ACQ2 by Acquired

Web3 Marketplaces (with Braintrust CEO Adam Jackson)

ACQ2 by Acquired

Audius (with CEO Roneil Rumberg)

2021-10-111h 18min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Special drop: David on Levels' Podcast!

2021-10-071h 11min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Explaining Macroeconomics, The Fed, Interest Rates and Valuations (with Matt McBrady)

2021-08-161h 31min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Kim-Mai Cutler -- From Journalist to VC

ACQ2 by Acquired

Managing a Crypto Fund (with Kyle Samani from Multicoin Capital)

2021-07-221h 14min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Owning Your Own Media Stream (from Collison Conf with Garry Tan)

ACQ2 by Acquired

Making your customers your secret weapon (with Highspot's Oliver Sharp)

2021-04-291h 32min
ACQ2 by Acquired

LP "Expert Call" with Josh Clemente from Levels

2021-04-231h 8min
ACQ2 by Acquired

The Meituan Bear Case (with Lillian Li)

2021-04-011h 13min
ACQ2 by Acquired

Modern Treasury interviews Ben & David (and vice versa!)

ACQ2 by Acquired

State-of-SaaS and Deep Collaboration (with Jake Saper from Emergence Capital)

2021-03-051h 6min
ACQ2 by Acquired

The Idea Dinner #1 (with Mario Gabriele and Packy McCormick)

2021-02-261h 15min



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